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My grandmother, no matter what she thought of someone, always started her sentence with, “well bless her heart…..” Well, bless our hearts, REALTORS® are not only good at what they do, but MASTERS of marketing. I took a random look at listings in the Stark County area and came up with a lengthy (and annotated) list of “buzz” words we all use to market our listings. I’m guilty, I admit it! I enjoyed reviewing some of these. I thought you might get a kick out of a few of them and what they really generally mean!

Cottage/quaint/cozy/adorable/charming/first-time home buyer/down-sized/cute = Small

Wildlife/serene/forest view/wooded = Tons of trees. Lots of bugs. Bug spray required! Sunset one-half hour before the rest of the world. Grew up in such a place!

Retro = 1970s chic?

As is = Don’t ask for nuthin!

Character = Old & needs updates?

Secluded/private = Boonies…good luck getting out in the winter

Adaptable to different uses = Not sure what you have there?

Quiet, sophisticated, relaxed = What exactly does that mean? Boring? No neighbors?

Motivated seller/opportunity = Please, buy it!

Exceptional/bold/distinctive/one-of-a-kind = Not sure about this one. Will have to see it.

Possible (living quarters/finished basement, etc.) = Means not done yet…you can do yourself

Seller has created = DIY project. Don’t judge harshly. They tried!

Nestled = Not sure what that means, but nestled against what?

Natural lighting = Lots of windows to wash!

Private retreat = Um……Should we all have one of these? Is there something we should know?

Quaint gated community = Really? There is such a thing?

Equipped with (appliances/sound system/security system/etc.) = Sounds complicated & something I really don’t want to learn!

Once-in-a -lifetime/sought after = Can’t wait…all my dreams come true.

Blank slate = Figure it out yourself…we’re not sure what to do with it!

And my most favorite is…..”Delightful experience while touring this home!” Does this mean they are going to serve food? If so, I’m there. My twin claims I have a tapeworm because I am always hungry, so I really like this one. I’m going to visit the next open house and I hope the food is good!

As appearing in The Repository 6-10-16

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